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Rada Angelova,
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Phone: 917-206-4601

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Ismail Lumanovski,


"A showboat of a performer, Lumanovski is an adventurous, modern-minded front man who leads his band through a varied terrain of Balkan, Turkish and Romany selections, spiked with jazz and Western styles." - Cristina Black, Time Out New York

"Lumanovski and Senlendirici proved spectacular players who had listened hard to Coltrane and Dolphy -- especially Lumanovski, his sound very soprano sax, lots of burr and flutter and overtone." - Robert Christgau,

"An excellent young band ... led by the fiery Macedonian clarinetist Ismail Lumanovski with the wonderful Tamer Pinarbasi on kanun." - Songlines

"They have taken the ground-breaking Turkish fusion band Laço Tayfa's music as their jumping off point and continued in that spirit of exploration... eclectic and full of inquisitiveness." - Michal Shapiro, The Huffington Post

"Gypss music continues to move in exciting new directions with this multi-national band ... full of complex rhythms and impressive group improvisations." - J&R Music World

"Frontman clarinetist Ismail Lumanovski is an extraordinary player in his own right, leading the group through a blistering series of haunting dance numbers and a couple of one or two-chord jams that the players used to show off their sizzling chops." - Alan Young, Lucid Culture Blog

''Romantech was worth the wait...This is your chance to grab it before it ends up on every music blog's best-of-2012 list.'' - New York Music Daily

''Infectious and hypnotic music.'' - WNYC

''A blast of raucous party music'' - Chicago Reader

''Zooming with Roma-inspired zeal from swinging salsa to pulsing bhangra, the group never loses its sharp musical focus [and] astounding chops.'' - Lebanon Daily News

"A unique stew of traditional Euro-Turkish Gypsy music, seasoned liberally with jazz and funk." - Lancester News


''Balkan muziginin yenilikci ustalari'' - Hürriyet Gazetesi

"Cingene ve Turk melodilerinin cazla dansi'' - Sabah Gazetesi

"Roman muziginin Amerika'daki temsilcileri - Star Gazetesi

"Okyanusun ote yanindan sesler'' - Taraf Gazetesi

"New York Gypsy All Stars hit the road in Turkey.'' - Today's Zaman

"New York'un cazina roman havasi'' - Yeni Şafak Gazetesi